Bubbled Skylight Replacement

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Acrylic Bubbled Self/pan-Flashing Skylight Replacement

Roofing companies tend to shy away from skylight replacements and for this customer, that was a good thing. For this unit, the skylight was an old acrylic bubbled self-flashed unit. Pan/Self-flashed skylights are different from traditional units. They are a skylight/flashing kit in one! While that might sound attractive from an installation standpoint, the unit relies on adhesive and shingles instead of engineered flashing and does not qualify for a 10-Year No Leak Warranty.

Our goal is to always provide customers with the best products and warranties. For this project, we built a curb and installed a flat laminated loe3 glass unit with a corresponding VELUX flashing kit. Providing the customer with a 10-Year Hail Glass breakage warranty on the unit and a 10-Year NO Leak Warranty on the installation.