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At Sun4Light, Inc., we specialize in the professional installation and repair of fixed skylights, offering our expertise to ensure your installation is executed flawlessly. Our team collaborates closely with you from start to finish, ensuring your fixed skylight meets all your expectations and enhances your space with beautiful natural light. Solar-powered attic ventilation products, Solar-powered blinds, Solar-powered skylights, and Sun Tunnels may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. The Sun4Light,Inc. Team cannot provide tax advice or guarantee projects qualify for the solar tax credit. Please contact a tax professional and download IRS Form 5695 for details. Refer to the “Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit (Part I)” and the “Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit (Part II)“. Trust us for reliable fixed skylight installation in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule a consultation and receive an estimate for our fixed skylight installation services.

The Benefits of Fixed Skylights

Is a Skylight right for your home?

Skylights offer a unique way to enhance the ambiance and energy efficiency of your living space. Consider factors such as your roof’s structure, orientation, and the room’s layout to determine the best skylight placement. Consulting with a skylight installation expert can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and architectural style.

Most units in this region are either Curb Mounted or Deck Mounted.

Types of VELUX Skylights

Curb-Mounted Skylights

These can be installed on any roof with a pitch from flat to 60 degrees. Designed to sit on a built-up curb, they provide flexibility in installation and are suitable for various applications, including rolled-roof systems.

Deck-Mounted Skylights

Ideal for roof pitches between 14 and 85 degrees, these skylights are installed directly onto the roof deck, offering a sleek, integrated appearance.

Safety and Compliance

Our VELUX fixed skylights are equipped with laminated or impact-resistant glass to meet stringent building codes, essential for installations in high-ceiling buildings or coastal areas prone to severe weather. These skylights adhere to the North Carolina Department of Insurance requirements for Wind Zones 3 and 4, ensuring durability against harsh elements. Each installation is backed by the VELUX 10-Year Hail Warranty for added peace of mind.

VELUX Fixed Skylights

VELUX fixed skylights are ideal for brightening darker areas of a building that typically lack natural light. Offering both rectangular and square options, these skylights fit any roof pitch and are engineered with high-quality, durable glass that resists dirt and reduces noise more effectively than standard options. Not only do they enhance the visual space by making it appear larger and more open, but they also offer superior noise reduction—up to 25% more than double-pane glass and 50% more than plastic skylights.