Frequently Asked Questions

Do skylights leak?

If the units are not installed correctly or below the required roof pitch, they will leak! VELUX skylights are engineered NOT to leak and qualify for a 10-Year No Leak Warranty if installed correctly. All Sun4Light, Inc. Projects exceed the minimal VELUX installation requirements.

How do I know the type of blinds needed for my skylight?

VELUX offers both light-filtering and room-darkening solar-powered blinds. Light-filtering blinds are made of a heavy sheer fabric and are great for diffusing light. Whereas room-darkening blinds have two outside layers of polyester with a radiant barrier in the middle. These blinds allow homeowners to control light in the space and reduce heat gain/loss. White room-darkening solar-powered blinds are the most commonly purchased/installed units in the United States.

Are Sun Tunnels really bright?

VELUX offers both flexible and rigid duct units. Sun4Light only installs rigid duct units because of the light output and the units have the best reflective warranty in the industry. For twenty years, VELUX guarantees the units will maintain their brightness, and will not de-laminate, or discolor. Light output from a fourteen-inch Sun Tunnel is about four times brighter than a 100-watt light bulb.

Why should I add the optional blinds to the skylights?

Customers add blinds to control the light, stop heat gain/loss, and for the 30% tax credit. In most situations, the tax credit offsets the cost of the blinds.

Can't my roofer install the skylights or Sun Tunnels?

VELUX recently rolled out a new "Certified Installer'' partnership and many roofing companies jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, the folks receiving the certification were mostly salespeople and not the actual installers. As the area's exclusive VELUX Signature Specialist, we maintain the highest level of training and certifications. Do not trust your project to anyone that "can do it". Expect the best and only hire trained and certified installers - not the salespeople.

Should I install a ten or fourteen-inch Sun Tunnel in my home?

The ten-inch units brighten about 150 square feet and the fourteen-inch units brighten 325 square feet. Ten-inch units are great for brightening small bathrooms and hallways. The larger fourteen-inch units are best for kitchens, family rooms, long tube lengths, etc.

Do Sun Tunnel projects qualify for the solar tax credit?

Solar-powered attic ventilation products, Solar-powered blinds, Solar-powered skylights, and Sun Tunnels may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. The Sun4Light,Inc. Team cannot provide tax advice or guarantee projects qualify for the solar tax credit. Please contact a tax professional and download IRS Form 5695 for details. Refer to the "Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit (Part I)" and the "Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit (Part II)".

Do skylight and Sun Tunnel projects require permits?

Skylights and Sun Tunnels installed between, or over existing rafters are not structural changes and do not require permits.

How long does it take to install a Sun Tunnel or complete a new skylight project?

VELUX recommends 2.5 hours of installation time for each Sun Tunnel, 4 hours for the replacement of a skylight, and a new cut project normally requires a week for the Sun4Light team to complete. Our in-house team of installers is skilled in all trades. We handle our own sheetrock, painting, etc. And do not contract those tasks to subcontractors.

Do you offer financing and online payments?

Yes, payment is due when projects are completed. Sun4Light, Inc. Accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard, and electronic checks. A 4% transaction fee will be added to the bill if paying via credit card and a $10 fee for electronic checks. No fees are added for paper checks. Sun4Light, Inc. is partnered with EnerBank to offer six months same as cash, and 5 five-year Home Improvement Loans. We also offer in-house financing with zero interest. To take advantage of In-house financing, a payment plan is established, and the project must be paid for in full at the time of installation.