Skylight Replacement

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Just like tires on a car, skylights have a lifespan and unit replacement is inevitable. As the largest skylight manufacturer in the world, VELUX is committed to making the best units in the world! In 2010, VELUX rolled-out major changes to their standard skylights including improved weeping systems, enclosed fasteners (no screws in cladding) standard white frames for Deck units, laminated loe3 gray/green tinted glass, hail glass replacement warranties, and about 1/8 of an inch difference in the new/old frames. While these changes are great, it is not possible to replace the tops of the skylights because the bottom parts of the frame are different. Instead, skylight replacement projects include new skylights and corresponding flashings. The following repeat customers needed new units and wanted solar-powered blinds for controlling heat gain/loss. With the addition of the VELUX Solar-powered blinds, the project qualified for a 30% solar tax credit the blinds were free!