“Goodbye”, Little Red Truck

In 2005, my parents gifted our son a brand-new candy apple red Ford Ranger for his sixteenth birthday! My dad, being a GMC guy, struggled with the purchase of a Ford. But alas, he would do anything to buy exactly what his first grandson wanted! That chromed-out bright red little truck could be heard a mile away with its bumping radio system! It traveled many miles: from dates in high school, to weekend beach trips, visits home from college, to carting the boat to the lake. Oh, the memories that were made in that truck!

Not every sixteen-year-old gets a brand-new vehicle. But my parents wanted to provide our son with a reliable, dependable, source of transportation. Man, they made a good choice. Over the years, the truck needed very little maintenance; just oil / break changes and several sets of tires. Without a doubt, that little red truck lived a good life!

The VELUX lines of skylights, Sun Tunnels, and roof windows are much like the Ford brand of trucks. As the largest manufacturer of skylights in the world, VELUX is committed to providing the best quality products in the industry and we at Sun4Light, Inc. are proud to partner with them as the exclusive VELUX Dealer-Installer in the market.

Our entire team works hard to ensure the product line receives the best kudos possible and can only do so since we know the decision makers personally! We are delighted to call the VELUX USA President and Director of Product Design friends and former customers! These folks listen to our product improvement recommendations and honestly feel our struggles as business owners. They, like us, believe quality and great customer service are vital.

Our son aged-out of the small Red Ranger and moved onto a Red Ford F150 when more kids entered the picture, and the boats became bigger. In the end, staying true to the dedication of the product line. Regardless of the other skylight / Solatube makers in the world, one thing for sure, Sun4Light,Inc. Remains loyal to VELUX, USA.