Is the lowest price always the best investment?

A friend recently told me about this great deal she got on a landscaping project at her home. The guy was super nice, quick, tidy, and completed the job for half the price of the other estimates.

He mowed her lawn, trimmed the trees, and replanted several beds of flowers. She was thrilled with his work and the price! Perplexed at the scope of work and price she paid; I reached out to him for a small project at my home. She was right, the price was outstanding! However, when I asked for a copy of his insurance, he wavered and told me he could not afford it.

Unbeknownst to my friend, allowing someone to work in/on your home without insurance could be disastrous.

What happens if the guy cutting limbs falls from the tree?

What if he accidentally cuts off his foot mowing the grass?

What happens if he is stung by a bee and needs medical attention?

What if, while he is taking the yard debris from your home to the dump, a limb falls from his truck and damages a passing car?

You, the homeowner, could get stuck paying the damages. By allowing someone to perform services without requiring worker’s compensation and liability insurance, the risk falls on your shoulders. Some homeowners’ insurance policies assist with payments but may not cover all damages.

Professional service providers and businesses do not skimp on insurance, they can’t. The risks are simply too great! Proper insurance is part of the cost of doing business, just like paying rent, gas, and sales tax.

While it can be awful tempting to hire the neighborhood kids to mow the grass or the day labor at Lowes to hang a ceiling fan; just think about how easily that $75 job could wind –up costing you a small fortune!

Require all independent workers and service companies to carry General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurances! Copies of the COI should be included with their estimate and warranties!

Protect yourself and your investment!

Team Sun4Light!

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